Accounting Manager

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”- Douglas Adams

Melody was born and raised in Oklahoma, in a small town that gave her the exact small town morals and values that one would expect from “small-town Oklahoma.”  She has consistently leaned on these values to provide the foundations for her career and life in general.  She believes that doing the right thing and treating people with respect is a recipe for success…. this and organization.  Organization is a must for success!!

Melody has been in the Property Management and Real Estate world since 2004. Her experience in the Real Estate industry is vast, extending from multi-family to retail to commercial and on forward to ownership and development.  Her first position began at the operations level, and she successfully worked her way upward to corporate accounting.  Her experience and knowledge in the Real Estate and Property Management business from the operations level has led her to become a key person that bridges the gap between operations and accounting.  As well, it has provided her with the flexible mindset that is needed to navigate the quickly shifting demands and trends that are forever present in Real Estate.

Melody has joined Virtus Commercial as the Accounting Manager.  She is extremely excited to deliver her dynamic and focused accounting expertise to contribute to the continued growth of Virtus Commercial.

After a hectic day, Melody likes to wind down by exercising, reading, and spending valuable time with her friends and family. Melody has a wonderful husband, a furry, four-legged son named Morgan, (who identifies as a slightly over-weight yellow lab), and last but certainly not least, one adult daughter who, she is proud to say, has taken her lead and ventured into the Real Estate world as well.