Accounting Clerk

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Tiffany has seen the city grow and change throughout the years.

At a young age, she started working in the hotel & casino industry, and quickly found her focus shifting towards the accounting field.

Breaking out of the casino industry, she started a position as a file clerk at a Las Vegas commercial management company. Within Tiffany’s first week of being with the company, she was promoted to an accounts payable clerk, which began her career in Real Estate accounting. Tiffany has extensive experience in all facets of Real Estate accounting, in both the commercial and residential sides, as she has been in the field for over 10 years.

While Tiffany can handle the hectic, fast-paced life of the big city that Vegas has become, she prefers to spend her time relaxing at her home away from home, in the mountains of Southern Utah. All she needs to have an amazing time is a good book, her cabin dog Hannah, and a hot cup of coffee on the deck of her cabin overlooking the woods. While in town, Tiffany can usually be found hanging with friends or snuggling on the couch with many of the four-legged friends she shares a home with.