Director of Marketing

Blend equal parts intuition, imagination and ingenuity; add a splash of sunshine; mix in a heaping scoop of organic energy and top it off with wisdom and love.

Serve with a side of child-like wonder and happiness. This is Amy Emanuel’s recipe for success.

Amy brings a unique perspective to the table as a property manager, business owner, tenant, and marketing director. She also adds an investor perspective as part owner of several properties in Virtus Commercial’s portfolio. Amy pours her expertise and passion into helping clients monitor vendor activities, address tenant concerns and strategizing to help further their business value and profitability.

A successful career is only part of Amy’s story. She is devoted to her family, friends and Ohio State Buckeye football. She delights in catering to the needs of her husband and Virtus Founder, Chris, their daughter Vivian and sons Owen and Zeke. She also cooks up a storm as an amateur chef and catches a Cleveland Indians game in her spare time.