Paseo Verde

Rancho Pavilion

Sunset Place

Longford Shoppes

Durango Commons

Sahara Rainbow Center

7785 Sahara

Why invest in commercial real estate?

Higher income than residential investments

Lower vacancy risk

Longer lease terms

Relatively consistent stream of income

Why Virtus?

The higher price tag and complicated transaction process of commercial real estate makes many investors shy away from this lucrative area. Virtus has an investment model that allows you to fractionally invest alongside us on investments we are buying. You choose the property you want to invest in with us – this is not a fund. 

Signing up for our investment portal will gain you access to new deal alerts. Once invested, the portal allow you to:

  • Securely access investment documents including monthly reports, tax forms, and notices.
  • Visualize investment performance through interactive cash flow and capital account charts.
  • View details on property assets and upcoming investment opportunities.

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